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Black & White XP Ministries is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) and whose operation is solely managed through the generous donations of our  members and guests. Please consider making a donation through our website. 

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"A wall deserves a painting

One that is fair and true.

Let its light speak of love,

About the life between me and you.

With a nail and a cross I painted mine,

where my colors bled right through;

so paint that painting of love,

even one in Black & White, will do."

Jon Roberts, Priest

"A man's reach should always exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for."

Robert Browning, Poet

History & Vision    

Black & White XP Ministries was formed in 2012 as a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) for the purpose of outreach, bringing together the beauty, wonder and awe of God's creation through, mainly the telling of the story of Jesus Christ. As found in the ancient manuscript of the Bible and upheld in the Church setting, we find there is no story so compelling than this, of just how God so loves the world.


Such teachings and preaching are obviously part of the Christian message and the church landscape, but through the visionary effort of one particular member of the clergy, "Father" Jon Roberts, BWXP made an appeal to tell the story of God's creation on social media. In 2020, with the Covid pandemic, more church leaders turned to streaming on social media channels like never before, thereby flooding the digital market with similar offerings. BWXP double-downed on enhancing its sermons with artwork and video editing, and such work is now held in complete posterity as a complete library of the Gospel, "The Good News," like no other. Still, engagement was lacking. People today claim to be highly spiritual and equally irreligious. The reasons are varied but we cannot afford to lose the validity and importance of the purpose of a local church and what it can offer the neighboring community. The bridge between the church and those who may be outside of church is necessary. BWXP, as an independent "ministry" and legal non-profit, in 2021 decided to reposition its offering to the community.


BWXP is looking at new ways to reach the non-churched. We are excited to announce that an effort is underway to provide video courses, where the biblical stories as illustrated by various artists, and given reflection through narrative. This visual art library is like none other, found only here at BWXP. Throughout the years, Fr. Roberts has always searched out and linked Christian art with his sermons. This library is being presented as a unique online "Gallery" with details organized to help people have a a visual accompaniment to the musical and sermonic presentations. How often do you go to a museum, see a magnificent painting about a story in the Bible but do not appreciate it fully because you do not know the context. Within the gallery, we will launch these short videos so join our site so that you get all the updates. Commissioning future artwork is also available as Fr. Roberts, an artist himself, intends to begin an illustrated legacy in 2023 with "The Crossing", an extensive and "wide" framed oil painting of the Exodus event found in the Bible, when the Hebrew slaves, released by Pharaoh, dared to trust in God and cross the Red Sea. 

Whether the Gospel is appreciated in sermon, art work, or taking part in educational teachings the goal of BWXP is engagement and learning about bringing together the Beauty, Wonder and Awe of God's creation through such offerings. Will you join us in this journey? If so, we would like to talk with you about the opportunities that exist. 

Please submit all inquiries to

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