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Managing Church Accounting and Member Registration is a significant undertaking, and I am here to help. As a private contractor, my goal is to assist churches in thriving over the next decade. With increasing expenses and constrained budgets, many churches are experiencing financial challenges. My mission is not just business; it’s ministry.

Realm ACS is a proven software that can greatly enhance your church’s operations, but its full potential is often underutilized. While it excels in church accounting, it also offers robust tools for registration. I provide an efficient, affordable remote alternative to in-house church accounting and registration. My services help keep costs low, and I can train volunteers to manage the initial stages of collection, counting, and compliance with church policies. My expertise is not limited to local churches. Leveraging modern technology, I can handle accounting, registration, and communication remotely. Terms and conditions apply to ensure trust and mutual respect. Each service area—Accounting or Registration can be scaled up or down as needed.

A bit about my background: I am a lifelong Episcopalian and a fifth-generation Floridian. My professional experience includes working as a Support Representative for the world’s leading homeschool curriculum, where I built strong connections with local families. My husband is an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Southwest Florida, and together we have served in various ministries across multiple churches. I am well-versed in church culture and policies, having served as a Parish Administrator as needed. I am also highly skilled in using Realm ACS, the industry leader in church software.

If your church could benefit from my services, please contact me. I look forward to the opportunity to support your mission.


How much time does it take to pay bills?
How much time does it take to record donations?

Are reports tedious and troublesome?

I can help you become more accountable.

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Are you able to keep up with all of your flock?

How much effort does it take to enter new profiles?

How important is it to have a directory?

I can help you register.

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