We are intentional about proclaiming the good news, or "Gospel" of Jesus Christ and we support our youth who boldly do the same by not only their words but in their actions. The Light Scholarship began as a means to support Clergy children because they see firsthand the challenges of parish life and how their parent is called to be a shepherd of many.


The scholarship is typically awarded under the following criteria:

1. Must be a Child of a Clergy;

2. Preferably Episcopal or Anglican;

3. Must attend a Christian College; 

4. Must provide a written senior address to their Church around HS graduation;

5. Must apply before Freshman year; renewals based on GPA, Church attendance and Community Service

Applications received only between this time:

April 1 - August 1st, prior to Freshman year.


The award amount is $1500 per year.

"Go forth in the name of Christ"

The BWXP "Light" Staff